ActiveLife is now a Recognized Assessment Site for Club-Z!  Club-Z ( provides online fitness for adults aged 50+ and is actively supervised by physiotherapists throughout each session!  From beginner classes to more advanced, there is something for everyone.  Interested in strengthening? Got it!  Stretching? Got it too!  Want to improve your balance with Tai Chi? You're in luck!

As a Recognized Assessment Site, ActiveLife's Physiotherapists will assess your strength, mobility and balance before you start the Club-Z program.  This assessment will help you determine which classes might fit your needs best.   Quarterly check-ins with ActiveLife's team to assess progress can be scheduled also!  

Reach out to us to learn more!  To book an appointment, contact ActiveLife for a "Club-Z Physiotherapy Assessment", phone (902)752-9926. 



"ActiveLife Online Physio"


ActiveLife's Online Physio is this easy! Reach out for more info.

ActiveLife's Online Physio is this easy! Reach out for more info.

ActiveLife Online Physio....a safe, easy and effective way to feel better from the comfort of your home!

While ActiveLife is open and offering in-person appointments, we continue to offer “ActiveLife Online Physio"

Online physiotherapy consultations – how it works:

  • We assess, diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions and injuries using ‘virtual appointments’.
  • Our knowledgeable physiotherapists use an easy to use, secure video conferencing platform – all you need is access to the Internet.
  • We guide you through questions and answers, safe movements and special tests.
  • Our training and experience help us figure out your condition and develop a diagnosis.
  • We will develop a tailored treatment plan that includes self-treatment techniques, rehab exercises and education

People who suffer with pain and mobility problems, like back and neck pain, sports injuries, and balance impairments will be empowered with the right tools to feel better and to be on the road to recovery.

Our patients who have tried ActiveLife Online Physio say they like the one-on-one time with their Physio, as well as the flexibility and the convenience it gives them.    Our team is ready to answer all of your questions about ActiveLife Online Physio today. 

To book an appointment, call (902)752-9926 or click on "Book an Appointment" above.