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If you'd like to be pain-free, take action today! While ActiveLife is open to in-person appointments, some of you may prefer to get the help you need in the comfort and safety of you own home.  ActiveLife has the solution- telehealth through ACTIVELIFE@HOME!

Telehealth is an online physiotherapy (face-to-face) appointment. ActiveLife uses a simple and secure telehealth platform. If you can use email and can search the internet, you'll find this service easy to use. Patients will need a computer with a webcam or a smartphone; this visual aid is important for both the scope and extent of the assessment and treatment.

During your ACTIVELIFE@HOME appointment, your physiotherapist will ask many questions about your current concern/injury; just like an in-clinic appointment a thorough health history will be taken to ensure understanding of your pain, movement challenges and the problems you're having. You will be guided through a functional, practical assessment and will be given expert advice, home treatment options and therapeutic exercise tailored to your needs and goals.

Direct billing to health care plans is available.

ActiveLife's Physiotherapists' job is to make your life easier by easing your pain and stiffness and improving your health. We've got your back! and your neck, and your knees...To book a telehealth appointment, please call (902)752-9926 or email ActiveLife through the "Contact Us" page.

You can take action now with simple, secure and personal telehealth.  We are here to help. 









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